Stability Training (Pty) Ltd has been operating since January 2002.

•  Mission

Learn, Interact, Excel

To remain a customer-focused and results-based soft-skills training provider and material developer. We give our clients measurable business results with access to high quality, relevant, cost effective and efficient training within the National Qualifications Framework.

Our Mission is to provide quality, affordable, comprehensive education and training at the entry level that is aligned to the NQF System and philosophy so that our students will be able to participate in lifelong learning in a structured way.
•  Vision

The core values Stability Training subscribes to are Excellence, Integrity and Commitment.

The Vision of Stability Training is to serve individuals and groups with a need for personal and career development with affordable and high-quality training, education, facilitation and customized development.


We believe training is the single most important aspect of any business. Without training the business venture cannot survive. Continuation training and skills development is undoubtedly one of the more important intellectual investments available to businesses today. It certainly pays to retain personnel and to continue training and developing them, thereby constantly moving them to higher skill levels. Companies adopting a policy of growing employees, reap the benefits of dedicated and knowledge driven staff with synchronized skills contributing to the organizational goals.

At Stability Training we remain up to date with new trends and market changes. This approach allows us to continually offer extraordinary products and services to our customers, which in return enhances their performance and productivity.

We believe in prospecting, open-handedness, beneficial competence, equal opportunity and contributing to educate our nation. Although we recognize the competition in our field, the undisputable requirement for exceptional services and materials coupled with extremely competitive rates, is clearly evident.