Non Standard Aligned Material

Everyone wants highly skilled employees. From entry-level workers to the managerial team, a well-trained staff with valuable knowledge of soft skills can improve customer experience, boost employee relations, and bolster interdepartmental communications. Unfortunately, the cost of employee training and development for an entire team can be astronomical.

Because of high demands, T&D doesn’t currently have the capacity to deliver custom trainings. You would prefer to write your own materials, but that creativity chews up a lot of resources. It’s a conundrum. How can you produce the custom training's that you take pride in—and still satisfy all the time demands? Where can you find the complete package of training materials—customized to your culture and industry—impeccably delivered on time?

Let’s Take A Quick Look At The Kinds Of Topics We Provide Training Materials For:

Anger Management & Positive thinking

A collection of articles focusing on anger managemement, being optimistic and achieving excellence through positive thinking.

Branding & Marketing

An excellent collection of articles about several branding and marketing topics from defining what branding is to essential marketing best practice for creating a complete marketing plan.

Business Ethics & Etiquette

A collection of business ethics and business etiquette articles.

Conflict Resolution, Influencing & Negotiation skills

Best practice workplace conflict resolution articles, Influencing others and negotiation skills.

Coaching & Feedback

A collection of articles to help you coach others for better performance, give and receive proper feedback.

Creativity, Problem solving , Decision making & Lateral Thinking

Creativity, Innovation, problem solving and decision making, parallel and lateral thinking find out more about these topics through our list of articles and get in touch with your innate creativity.

Communication skills

A group of free articles to help you enhance your personal communication skills and communicate more effectively with others.

Customer service

A collection of articles focusing on customer service excellence and providing world class customer service experience to customers.

Human Resources Management

A list of the most common human resource management topics including interviewing as well as employees career development planning.

Leadership & Management

Leadership and management skills enhancement articles.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro linguistic programming and techniques articles.

Presentation skills

Professional presentation skills enhancement articles.

Professional sales skills & sales Techniques

Professional selling skills techniqes and tools articles. Find out about professional sales questioning, closing and handling objections and more.

Strategic Planning and Thinking

A list of articles focusing on strategic planning and thinking including some tools like SWOT and PESTLE analysis.

Team Building

A group of articles about building stronger, more cohesive and high performing teams.

Time & Stress Management

A group of articles to help you manage your time more efficiently, delegate better, fight procrastination and
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