Our Approach

At the end of this phase, the client has the training specifications and a course outline.

Materials Development

The Materials Development phase of the training material process involves developing the material that enables the process.

•  We define the required performance outcomes.

•  Design and implement tests that tell us what we should be doing.

•  We decide how the specific audience will react to particular types of training.

Will we use contracted trainers, peer-to-peer teaching, resident training officers, handouts, computer-based training, or any of the enormous
range of training aids which are available?
Training and Development process End-to-End

Training and Development process is the heart of the exercise. If we do not deal with this process in a way that the trainees find interesting,
stimulating and enjoyable, then we might as well not do any training at all.

To make this work, we must ensure that the entire training team is up to speed and focused. Train-the-trainer courses are developed and run in-
house. Short courses in Training and Development process Skills are available for trainers, supervisors and all managerial levels.

In the case of existing courses that already have learning materials:

•  Research to revise old, outdated content (I have access to a wide range of scholarly business data bases).

•  Redesign and development of learning materials in line with new objectives

•  Integration of cell phone m-learning tools into materials mix

•  Piloting and evaluation of materials

In the case of new courses to be designed from scratch:

•  Research and development of new content in specific fields.

•  Assistance with planning a learning process (including assessment, learning activities & workshop/course structure) and identifying the
accompanying mix of learning materials

•  Instructional design of content into learning materials identified

•  Piloting and evaluation of materials

Evaluation and Feedback

Evaluation of the process is continuous. Every stage of Training and Development presented to the client for approval. Once trainees have
completed the training, a second phase of evaluation is entered where the effect of the training is monitored. Feedback from this phase is used
to update training material and Training and Development process End-to-End, constantly improving the process.
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